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Advertising Agency of the year 2015

I would love to be a part of a creative agency when I go into the industry. There is nothing I would love more than to work for big clients who would use my work for their branding or advertisement. This agency is based in London and has done work for big names that are included below.

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One of their ads that stood out to me was the John Lewis Home Insurance Advert. This advert consisted of a little girl dancing around the house with the soundtrack ‘Tiny Dancer’ by Elton John. There was humour in this ad as she nearly knocked everything over as she danced around the house, including a scene where she dances past her little brother as he pulls a face. I think it was really clever how they reached out to a wide audience and how everybody could relate themselves to be a part of that ad.




Yesterday we received an important lecture addressing copyright as it is a very important factor that all creative’s must be educated on in order to not get involved in any legal complications.

We were given an insight to the history of when copyright laws were instated and on information about it. We also learnt that in 1710 the Statute of Anne was the first copyright act in the world.

As a design student living in the UK, it is not necessary to apply for copyright on my published work as by law it will automatically be protected.

Ethics also play an important part of copyright as it would be morally wrong to steal someone else’s ideas for my own financial gain.

“bad artists copy; good artists steal” – Picasso

Post written by A Stenner and G Chadwick

Grosvenor Museum Typeface

Here is some interesting type I have seen on the outside of the Grosvenor museum in Chester. It’s nice to see some old and traditional type engraved into the soul of the old building. I also like how it has been incorporated into the modern signage.


How to promote yourself or your exhibition

I have been looking into the best ways of promoting yourself as a designer, or ways of promoting art and design exhibitions and how other people have done it.

One of the major ways of promoting an event is by using social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. as it is such a good tool to get your word out. Also, it is free marketing!

Secondly, getting your name and portfolio out there is a big deal in the creative industry. If you want people to know who you are, you basically need to shout it through the rooftops and blow your own trumpet! (Confidence, not arrogance is highly appreciated by people!). Free sites such as WordPress, LinkedIn and Behance are good for building up an online portfolio.

Business Cards and C.Vs – Give them into agencies or potential employers, or even potential clients if you want to do some freelance work.

Competitions are another good way to get yourself known. Roses Awards and D&AD awards are good fun with interesting briefs.

Overall… Network, network & network!

Exhibition Invites

I’ve had a look into exhibition invitations. I really love a clean and contemporary style that doesn’t have too much type on it so that the reader won’t get bored. Here are some of those examples of what I believe are brilliant.


Logo Inspiration

One site I stumbled across whilst surfing the instagram app was a collection called Logo Inspirations. I followed the group on instagram and checked out their site. It works well as they regularly post new logos up onto their page with a link to the collection! It’s very good to keep track of and a way to spark up inspiration.

Instagram Page


Main Site

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 23.08.55


Mountain Collection

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 23.10.31

What I thought works really well about this site are the different collections that are available to look up in their own themes. I especially liked the post that holds the mountain logos. They look really good and have sparked up inspiration for my own design works.

Inconsistent Lidl branding

Here is something that I believe is a good example of inconsistent branding. Ive just picked out a Lidl magazine I collected last year. As you can see, they have tried to change their look by using the Gill Sans typeface to give it a nice simplistic and high end feel. However, their shop colours or Logo do not fit in with this style. I don’t believe that they are suiting their potential in having a well branded business.


Creative Advertising

One book that influences me is this book published by Thames & Hudson. As a designer, one of the things that inspires me and I love hugely are the endless possibilities that can be done through advertisement. This book shows you theories and research into the creative concepts and different techniques used in a vast range of different campaigns. It has given me a wider knowledge of new areas I was unaware of, and it has also jogged ideas and inspiration for briefs I have done in the past! Perfect!



Pages 198-201


This part of the book particularly stood out to me. I really love guerrilla advertising as I think it is such a clever way to bring your campaign to life. This part of the book basically tells you how you can use any part of the environment around you to put your message across in whatever way you see working. People interacting, seeing and sensing part of your campaign for themselves can give such a huge impact. I like how it inspires the reader to see endless possibilities in any surrounding.

Over the summer holidays one of the tasks we were set was to create our own manifesto. There were no peripherals for how our manifesto should look or contain. It was all down to ourselves to decide how it should be set out.

This manifesto reflects my personal ethics and beliefs as a designer.


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