Gareth Chadwick

Graphic Designer


Degree Show Project

Helping out with the Degree Show

Today I helped out in the preparation of the degree show spaces by paining and cleaning the space to make them clear and presentable ready for all the student’s work to go up. It was a good opportunity for the students to come together and work for something nice.




Gareth Chadwick

(BA) Hons Graphic Design


As a creative, I love design that is quite simple and contemporary with branding and advertisement being the things that I love the most.

For my final project I wanted to make something quite fun and different to what you might see usually. For this reason, I have created a new brand of beer based around zombies.

A different type of zombie represents a different strength of beer, and I have also created a range of different point of sales to go alongside this. As part of the promotion in line with the launch of the new ‘Z’ beer brand, I have come up with a zombie fun run that would take part in a range of locations in different cities nationwide that would get the public and potential consumers involved in the action.

 I have truly enjoyed the past 3 years constantly learning and improving as a designer which makes me look forward to being a part of the industry. I am very excited to see what the future holds.


“Design is thinking made visual” – Saul Bass

T-Shirt Printing

Today I got the logo printed onto a T-Shirt for my exhibition. Im very pleased with the results as it is such a high quality. The T-Shirt will be presented on a hanger and would be for the zombie fun run.

Exhibition Mock Up

Today I mocked up an idea of how I will have my final degree show exhibition. The two circles on the floor represent the diameter of the two beer barrels that I will present the beer bottles and beer mats alongside the fun run leaflet. Above the beer barrels shows the three press ads. On the right shows the fun run poster and T-shirt. The problem found with the size of the A3 poster is that it appears too small. To rectify this problem I will print out the poster in A2 for my final exhibition. This mock up has given me a good idea of how it could turn out.


Printed Labels

Today I printed out the labels I had designed for the bottles. I am extremely pleased with the results. I wanted them to look bright and bold and not to be gory at the same time. I think they work really well.


Bottle Designs front and back

Here shows a flat view of both the front and rear labels for my beer bottles.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 11.33.47

Zombie Fun Run

Here shows the promotional material for the zombie fun run that would take part in Chester as part of the launch of the new beer. It is an event aimed at young adults who want to do something different when going for drinks with their friends. The event would involve a type of pub zombie crawl where at each pub, the participants would get to try one of the refreshing beers.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 11.53.10

Exhibition Proposal

Here is a sketch I have done representing how I would like to have my exhibition space.

new doc 3_1

Press Ads

Here shows some promotional material for the ‘Z’ Beers.

bottle ad runnerbottle ad walkerbottle ad crawler

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