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One book that influences me is this book published by Thames & Hudson. As a designer, one of the things that inspires me and I love hugely are the endless possibilities that can be done through advertisement. This book shows you theories and research into the creative concepts and different techniques used in a vast range of different campaigns. It has given me a wider knowledge of new areas I was unaware of, and it has also jogged ideas and inspiration for briefs I have done in the past! Perfect!



Pages 198-201


This part of the book particularly stood out to me. I really love guerrilla advertising as I think it is such a clever way to bring your campaign to life. This part of the book basically tells you how you can use any part of the environment around you to put your message across in whatever way you see working. People interacting, seeing and sensing part of your campaign for themselves can give such a huge impact. I like how it inspires the reader to see endless possibilities in any surrounding.


Interesting Read

Here is an interesting section I read from this advertising book.

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