Joe Magee is a designer, artist, illustrator & film maker. He has earn his main money by being a freelancer. He works with a lot of illustration and although he doesn’t describe himself as a photographer, his work comes across as photographic within his illustrations. He has done a lot of work for magazines, book covers and brochures both print and online.

He originally studied graphic design in his student years. Although he originally started off as a graphic designer, he stressed the point that it is good to have knowledge in all areas of work as you may need to add more than one skill set to a job you have been commissioned to do e.g illustration, design and animation.

There was one particular image that has earned him money three times. This image was originally used for the NHS. It turned out that he earned around £900 overall from charging £300 each time it was used.

In addition to this, Magee gave some good advice that all images from Wikipedia are free to use commercially. He has done a lot of work for the Guardian newspaper by creating political images for the supplements. There was one particular image that he used to get around David Cameron within an illustration. He used three different images and put it together to create a face which I thought was quite clever.

I feel like his work comes across very ‘arty’ and has quite a distinctive style within his illustrations. He told us that he didn’t work with moving image until he hit 30. This reassures me that it is never too late to learn new skills in your career.

Other magazines Magee has worked for include Time, Bloomberg, New Scientist, Nieman, Courier International, Nature Magazine and other European Magazines. It is interesting to see that he has made himself known by having work published all over the world.