Today I undertook my portfolio interview as part of the professional practice module. My interview was done by Lisa Taylor, an in house designer at Money Penny.

The interview lasted fifteen minutes and consisted of myself firstly showing her my work over a period of ten minutes, followed by five minutes of feedback. I showed her a variation of different briefs, including a branding brief, advertisement briefs and general digital illustration. I wanted to show off the variation of my designer talents by showing her live briefs I undertook when I got to work with a design agency, Parker Design whilst I was studying my foundation degree at Mid Cheshire College. I felt like it was important to really emphasise the reasons for doing what I did during each brief and why I decided to take the directions I took.

The interview session itself flew by. It felt like I was only in there for 5 minutes. The feedback session was very helpful as Lisa told me to make sure there were no white spaces in between each project within my portfolio. Also, she let me know that it would have been a good idea to show something I had recently worked on to show where I am up to now.

Although I was very nervous throughout, overall, I am extremely pleased with how my interview has gone. It has given me a big insight on how I should act within an interview for when I go into the creative industry.