Here shows a variation of different texture experiments I did. To create this effect, I scanned in the physical experiments I did using the printing process and I edited them further by adding colour and adding different layers on top of each other.

It was interesting to see the different effects created from changing the colours and levels in photoshop. I wanted to create a feel that would suit the apocalyptic theme to fit alongside my final project.


Here I added type to the texture to see how this could be overlaid over the background. It is interesting to see how the digital typeface looks in different colours/overlays as it creates different results.


Here shows some further experimentation with different inked backgrounds with some different results created. I am pleased with the different styles made with the different digital experiments I did. It also fits into the apocalyptic feel of abandonment and this style of editing could be useful in my final project.


Here I experimented onto the risograph print by digitally adding texture over the top. It suits the apocalyptic feel. However, I am not sure that this part of the experiment is as successful as the previous textures I created.