Here shows some of the experimentation I have done since starting the third year. It is really good to see what resources are available at this university, as I had not had access to equipment like this previous to this year.

Risograph Printing

This shows the risograph printing process I used. For my final project, I am in the process of creating a brand based around the zombie apocalypse theme. Here I created a map where I printed onto where a “safe zone” would be located. It is really interesting to see what effects can be created from the risograph printer as some of these qualities could not be replicated digitally.


Letterpress Printing

Another part of the experimental process took me to playing with type and trying out the letterpress. To start off, I chose which typeface I wanted. I wanted a large point size so that I could edit the results how I wanted to in the future. It was interesting to see the physical qualities the print resulted in. Once again, it was nice to see the physical qualities that could not be replicated digitally.